Conservas Celorrio is one of the canning companies with the greatest dedication to the world of preserves. Now over half a century old, Conservas Celorrio boasts a team of professionals whose sole aim is to take the best foodstuffs from the field to the table. The experience acquired over the years has turned Conservas Celorrio into an organisation that is open to the world, as shown by the enormous expansion experienced by this Riojan firm.

Conservas Celorrio has modern, cutting-edge facilities where its products undergo their chief processes.

The quality and guarantee of the products of Conservas Celorrio has turned it into a major canning company that obtains the best raw ingredients every season. Conservas Celorrio —the freshest quality.

Calahorra (La Rioja)

Our logistics and distribution centre is located in Calahorra (La Rioja). Thanks to our logistics infrastructure we can conveniently reach our clients from here. The complex is also the centralised site for the sale of all our products, whether manufactured in Spain or abroad. Our management team also works from here, where all strategic decisions are made. The Calahorra site also centralises logistics for the Celorrio brand and other Group brands. At our headquarters —the core of Celorrio— we receive the orders from our clients which are grouped and sent from our various factories.


Conservas Celorrio


Milagro (Navarra)

A company located in Navarre’s Ribera region, where the best vegetables in Spain are grown. The plant produces vegetable menestra, cardoon, sweet peas, swiss chard, beans, chickpeas, vegetable salad, etc.

The factory produces over 20 million kg a year. Fully refurbished, its employs the latest technologies in the agri-food sector guaranteeing the utmost traceability and food safety of its products.

The plant is also where the Group’s new products are developed. New machinery and products are tested here. Its buildings cover over 35,000 square metres.

Alimenco, factoría de producción de verduras, rallados y legumbres


Calahorra (La Rioja)

In view of the rise in sales and growing number of own labels of the last few years, we decided to set up a plant for developing this market sector. House brand orders are usually large volume orders and our labelling lines were hard-pressed to cover our labelling needs, while it was difficult to keep stocks due to the seasonal nature of our products. We therefore decided to build a logistics warehouse exclusively for third-party brands. It has 20 labelling lines and facilities covering 15,000 square metres with a storage capacity of over 3,000 FCLs.

Peña Melera. Almacenes logísticos y de etiquetado

Peña Melera. Amplios almacenes con capacidad para multitud de productos

Tauste (Zaragoza)

Conservas Vega del Ebro is located in the province of Saragossa, in the town of Tauste. This plant specialises in producing tomatoes in all variants —whole, crushed, fried, etc. The plant also packages sweet peas, leek and sweet corn. With buildings covering over 30,000 square metres, the plant has sufficient production capacity to meet the needs of our current and future clients.

Vega del Ebro. Factoría de producción de tomate, guisante, etc.

Agoncillo (La Rioja)

A plant dedicated to producing sauces focusing on the foodservice sector where it holds the leading position in Spain. It chiefly produces mayonnaise, ketchup and mustard, as well as special sauces on demand. As with the other plants in the group, it is equipped with state-of-the-art technology. It covers a surface area of 5,000 square metres.


Salsa Rica. Las mejores salsas de Conservas Celorrio se elaborar eb ka factoría de Logroño

Salsa Rica. Todo un complejo tecnológico al servicio de las salsas mejor elaboradas


San Juan del Monte (Burgos)

Cepas de Castilla, S.L.U. is one of the oldest wineries in Ribera del Duero, which combines all the innovations and facilities of modern machinery in the production of its wines with PDO. Surrounded by centuries-old vineyards, its wines present the strength and elegance of the typical Ribera, which, in Cepas de Castilla S.L.U., we try to present under a current design and attractive to the public.