At Celorrio, we have always clearly understood that the company’s key asset is its client base so we have been developing improvements and innovations in our processes from our very beginnings, in order to achieve quality assurance, a better service and a better product.

To attain this, in addition to constant reinvestments in machinery and production processes and numerous quality certifications — including ISO, IFS and BRC — we have also established our own quality assurance system called CCC (Control Calidad Celorrio).


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All our plants have their own laboratories and quality control equipment. Tests are also carried out at our headquarters and in accredited external laboratories, to ensure that each of our products passes 3 testing stages, thereby reducing incidents to a minimum.

Another significant difference that ensures our products’ optimal condition is our provisioning strategy. Due to our demanding quality requirements, a large percentage of our produce suppliers did not meet prerequisites. We therefore decided to found an agricultural co-operative. Since then, at Celorrio we work with a comprehensive process, controlling our products from seed to packaging, with minimum delays from harvest to final processing. This also ensures complete product traceability.

Another strategic plan is the goal of getting 95% of the products sold by Celorrio to be manufactured by the Group’s companies. This figure currently stands at 80%. Although the other 15% is provided by tried and tested suppliers, we honestly believe that, in order to be able to guarantee our product, it should be made by us, this being a key point in our strategy.

None of this, however, is of any value if we cannot ensure the satisfaction of our final customers. That is why we continue to work hard and innovate to bring the freshest products from the field to your table.

Quality is one of the basic premises of Conservas Celorrio, which, together with our competitive prices, has turned us into one of the leading canneries in our sector.

For any question about our products, please contact our department of quality:

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