Celorrio and bloodless bullfighting

The commercial advantages of Marketing, Advertising and Public Relations that the Sponsorship has with respect to conventional advertising are well-known; Especially in relation to important concepts such as: credibility, differentiation, social image, lifestyles, as well as the cost per impact and the guarantee in the transmission and reception of messages.

Conservas Celorrio is a firm that is firmly committed to social events, aware of the importance of being present in the main public gatherings. An example of its entrepreneurial, ambitious spirit in marketing and communication is its sponsorship of bloodless bullfights.


"Bloodless bullfighting is a one-to-one confrontation with a bull in an act full of heroic deeds, where anonymous bullfighters face the charge of a fighting bull for the enjoyment of the public. It is a dance between life and death that commemorates primitive bullfighting skills and pays homage to the bravery of young people who dream of hazardous dives, powerful leaps and close-cutting dodges."

This modality of facing a clean body against bulls raises much expectation throughout the national and international territory (mainly France and Portugal). An art, capable of arousing the greatest ovations of a bullring and that has a lot of future ahead and that becomes an oxygen bag for the traditional bullfight.

Values such as companionship, ability to excel, courage, art, dexterity, emotion, etc. Priman in a celebration that congregates to a very heterogenous public and with desire to have fun.

The integrity and equality of the melee encounter make this show an event of great media and social repercussion in which the bull is not injured throughout the competition.


Conservas Celorrio is the official sponsor of the Toropasión Bloodless Bullfighting Circuit, the most important in Spain, with events in Madrid, Barcelona, Valladolid, Albacete, Zamora, Santander and over 80 other cities, organised by the company Toropasión Espectáculos, leader in its sector.

The massive follow-up of fans and the general public, the great media repercussions of these festivities (TV, radio and press), and the popular and social roots of this sport, make this modern competition a magnificent and profitable platform where Conservas Celorrio can Develop their marketing, advertising, promotion and PR policy.


Las Ventas
Quiebro en Las Ventas (Madrid)
Ajustado recorte en Las Ventas (Madrid)
Los aficionados llenan las gradas para ver estos espectáculos
Ceñido recorte en la final del Campeonato de España en Las Ventas
Los saltos son las suertes más espectaculares
El Campeón de España de saltos realizando una arriesgada suerte
El ganador
El salto mortal es una de las suertes más ovacionadas
Los toreros a cuerpo limpio son jóvenes atletas
El trapío del toro es uno de los principales ingredientes de estos eventos
La salida al ruedo de los especialistas es uno de los momentos más emocionantes
Sólo los mejores se llevan el título
Los saltos son la modalidad más aplaudida
La concentración del torero a cuerpo limpio es fundamental
Alejandro García es uno de los recortadores más puros en su concepto del toreo a cuerpo limpio
Un festejo para todos los públicos patrocinado por Conservas Celorrio

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