Who we are

Celorrio is a group of companies with over 40 years’ history, specialising in fruit and vegetable preserves. Over this time, the quality of our products, service and attention to our clients, together with our competitive prices have earned us a solid reputation and widespread recognition.

Although we are an industry leader in both figures and size, we are proud to remain a family company. We believe we have brought together the best of both worlds. We continue to maintain direct, personal contact with our employees and clients while providing the efficiency, service, quality and prices of a large company. We work to offer the best product with quality, service and prices adapted to the needs of our final consumers —our single reason for being.

At the beginning the company sold products manufactured by others but gradually we realised that it was necessary to carry out a process of vertical integration, so we went from purchasing and re-labelling goods to manufacturing our own products. Currently we own 7 factories that produce 80% of our product portfolio. Eight years ago, we began a new project aimed at achieving 100% vertical integration, i.e., to not only manufacture our own products, but to control our own fields to achieve complete traceability —“the best of the field to your table.”

Another key aspect of our growth has focused on the company’s globalisation, with major investments in China to develop new products that will allow us to offer more competitive prices, while guaranteeing the utmost quality. Perhaps it would have been easier to seek a joint venture with a Chinese firm or to just simply buy our products from other suppliers, but the exacting demands of our clients and our commitment to product quality and traceability led us to immediately discard any option that would not be the development and control of our own plants, which currently number three, one of them being the largest in China. Now we can confirm that we were right, as we have increased our client portfolio while offering products of our usual quality and developing new products and markets. In the long term, we hope to continue counting on the support of our current and future clients, to which purpose we will continue to work at improving and implementing our strategies focused on the single goal of satisfying our clients.

At Celorrio, we would like to thank you for the trust you have placed in us every day, hoping that you will continue to do so in the future, while we will endeavour to ensure that your expectations are met.

Félix Celorrio

Celorrio boletín

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