Our company was founded 54 years ago, when Ángel Celorrio, a modest entrepreneurial farmer, moved from Soria to La Rioja and saw the growing need of the region’s small factories to find outlets for their products.

La sede de Conservas Celorrio

Back then, his son Félix Celorrio —then 14 years old and today the company’s manager— used to accompany him by train and lorry throughout Castile, the Basque Country and Aragon. Their business grew thanks to the exceptional quality of the products they sold, so they decided to set up a warehouse in Calahorra (La Rioja) where they also established their headquarters. The company continued to grow, albeit slowly, until 1980, when Félix took over. At the time, the firm was quite small and only had three people working in it —an accountant, the manager (Félix) and his wife (María Pilar), with a turnover of 3 million euros.

This was quite a modest family company but the hard work and quality of the team it gradually built up became a key factor in its growth. In 1982, Félix saw sales grow significantly and the needs of his clients become increasingly complex, requiring greater quality and service that he could not achieve by simply selling local products. He therefore decided to build a canning factory in Milagro (Navarre).

Amplias oficinas de la sede central de Conservas Celorrio

Over the years, he acquired and built factories in Tauste, Valdivia, Logroño and China. This allowed him to manage his products comprehensively, from the field to the customer, supervising the complete manufacturing process in order to exhaustively monitor its quality and also ensure top service. The annual turnover has grown to 36 million euros. The company’s comprehensive quality management benefits from our prime concern for service and the quality of our team, which makes us so different and special. This has taken us to where we are today, looking forward to a hopeful future while remaining faithful to our commitment to quality, service and price for our clients.

Today, our company continues to be like a large family, looking after its children and its clients, and this is something that will not change now or in the future.

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